My Loss — Ethereum & CryptoCurrency Blogging

The only people that haven’t fallen for a scam…

are those that aren’t telling you the truth…

or scamming you themselves….

Think about it, Read about it.

This is healthy discussion.

We need to KNOW who we trust. 0

BTC makes this possible

BTC is not fool-proof, you need to be careful.

Follow those you trust.

Tell others how you got scammed, so they don’t fall for it as well.

THis Is The Way…

My Loss Posting with an alt account. I’ve been heavily involved in cryptocurrency since I discovered Bitcoin in 2013. I did a college presentation on it and my whole class were astounded by the idea. I invested all of my 8,000 savings into a Scrypt ASIC miner from KNCMiner. They take deposits, in full, pending […]

My Loss — Ethereum & CryptoCurrency Blogging