Ripple beats SEC @ P\/\/N game

I’m guessing full discovery at the SEC goes as well as trying to use my local sandy spring bank to deposit bonds I’ve held onto for 20 years. I pulled a run on my local bank with the help of Coinbase. I set up recurring buys and drained it.

They didn’t appreciate that.

Did anyone watch the big short? Did anyone pay attention? Can anyone.stomach jimmy dore and and a third party? Wheres the $2000? Give me a break. Don’t donate to Bernie. Do something for your community with money, beat the Banks, fork the banks. Make a move. More to come.

Now I use Ally Bank, Coinbase, Celsius, BlockFi, Binance, and Swan.

Let me know if you need a link. These are FDIC backed securities unlike your pension. 6%APY sound good? How about 10%? Contact us when you’re ready to roll.