Zoinks! What a mystery Gab! I mean Scoob! Invest in GaBCOIN. TODAY. Speak Freely. And Firecly.


I thought I might have seen Seth McFarlane and Chuck Schumer or Amy Schumer or who gives a fuck on the firefly shitstorm. That’s why we can’t have nice things assholes, Put on a new Woodstock so we can burn it to the ground for the millionth time ever. We won’t even show up. We will build plenty of straw men though to keep wicked witches away. We will burn our own gardens before we will sell out to your wicked plots. Pelosi. AOC. Mitch McConnell. It’s a big club. Who did you exploit today Joe Blow? Go blow your nose or travel back in time to all the civil rights leaders you told them to pack your bags jack. Now Joe’s back and he thinks he’s king. Fuck off.

Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, Glenn Greenwald. The editors will bury the paper you started and fund a new ISIS cell. Fuck em all. Pierre who gives a fuck. Palantir. InQtel. QAnon. All a big fucking game,. Christ sakes.

If Sarah Silverman tells me to shut my mouth I will take her Mic like Michael Moore or Michael Myers and tell that bitch to shut her trap and deal with her crazy unfunny husband who probably has a graveyard the size of Texas. Whatcha got assholes? You were beautiful people and all sold out. Dirt cheap. What was your price? Jimmy Dore is slicing through this like Alec Baldwin slices through ‘toast’ on his ‘morning donut’ while he’s making a career for his entire family and asking what the fuck is in your wallet. What’s in your PX pill jar bro? Your’ real the fucking war pig. Shut your fucking face. Your brothers have talent and Stephen is a saint, handled his shit, and is very protective and religous about his people. Yeah, he might have been in a movie with another weird motherfucker one time but he’s a good guy, doesn’t drink anymore, and rides around with Max and Stacey on beaches.

Take an orange pill of truth and leave the bullshit behind you, Or get a job. Whatevs peeps. Love you all. 100%