Super Dope.

It’s becoming even more difficult to ignore what some of us can see! And it’s a classic case of divide and conquer! But the crazy thing is that we are just seeing more clearly how it’s/ people have always been! It’s SO SAD sometimes but those who depend on the  “ left “ wing and those that depend on the “ right “ wing that can’t open their minds, will never understand that the “ plane “ can’t fly without both wings. And then you have some who blindly get in the plane thinking everything is just fine.樂  then a few of us know better than to get on the ✈️ at all!  Unfortunately it’s very difficult to exist in this state because we are forced to deal with the way it is! That’s the trick! It’s to figure out how to get it done and stay away from the madness as much as possible!  I’ve learned a tell tale sign/ behavioral thing through the years that has helped me deal.  ( example) … If you have / try to have a conversation with someone and they get mad,argue, seam uncomfortable, are unable/ unwilling to at least listen/ hear/ see where you’re coming from,  it’s just not worth it! They fall into one of the 3 categories above, ( I hope you get my metaphor with the ✈️).