Divide and Conquer. Command and Conquer. Where’s the tiberium? Someone has to mine it. Or is that Helium3? Which moon?

Keep the power plants running or the Tesla coils won’t make it that far. They can kill instantly or provide propaganda. It’s the same thing. That’s why there are so many reboots. It’s the same story, again. Hunker down, keep calm, carry on. We got this, you got this.

Let’s go back to the future. Everybody deserves a A DELLorion this time.

Henry Ford had an idea, what happened? The engines are trash. Because of the assembly line. Old heads will build the best engine you’ve ever seen, and make a trailer to match your car.

This is why we need free speech. No one remembers anything anymore.

Divide divide divide is their game plan.. from conspiracy