Collateral Murder

This is PlanX.

Build an arcade to control the narrative.

The first game I played was paper boy in Olney, MD. No one gets the games anymore. It’s all proprietary now. When Detroit is rebuilt and we’re making cars again we can all ride

Some people learn one Konami code and give up. Open up the machine and see where the parts are made. Tepco is out of time. Why did the biodome not work? Too many parties? There are no game genies here.

This is why you need volleyball nets, tennis courts, pools, and plenty of people you trust in your neighborhood.

The lifeguards these days don’t even remember you needed a Nextel back in 2006 to be a lifeguard. TMobile owns it now. It’s all on the wire.

Jerrymandering never works. Follow the chips and break the stack. Only OSI layers 1-7. Get your CISSP today. Build your own network. Or build a 🧱.

Currently looking at filecoin and wireless network spectrum. Tidal on blockchain. CPAs following the market please contact us or don’t. ASCAP

Write your own documentation. The Bentley manuals stack up quick. Now the motors are the same and batteries are cheap. You dig?

It’s an illadelphia half-life experiment 🧪

Do the math