Traveling a Winding Road

Advertisements Losing myself and finding myself, at the same time. How contradictory. How sublime. Have you experienced this? Do you understand? Maybe you felt it … Traveling a Winding Road

The End of Existence

Advertisements Dear human!You know your journey You know your destiny But the need of money? Beyond the basic needsSearching your agony!We get to see a dead bodyOn … The End of Existence


Advertisements Sunset

People and Trees

Advertisements If people were like trees, they would love us unconditionally in each season of our life… finding comforting shade in our towering strength admiring … People and Trees

DaBaby Makes Things Worse in New Offensive Video

Advertisements Rapper addresses homophobic comments in sexist self-directed clip as GLAAD adds to the chorus of rebukes against him DaBaby released new video “… DaBaby Makes Things Worse in New Offensive Video